About Us

Who buys Cubanas,almost personifies the brand, wants to feel authenticity and charisma. Relaxed,Cubanas strongly bets on what we call Urban and Casual Chic, the active womanwho likes to be noticed by the simplicity and elegance of gestures, steps, ofher own style. The brand offers chic and unique collections, with differentmodels of bags and shoes that fit perfectly with different environments andcontexts.

Since 2005, Cubanas has taken across borders what isbest made in Europe in footwear and fashion accessories, through the perfectcombination of quality of the materials we use and with the elegance, comfortand bold design.

Cubanas is now recognized by the uniqueness, color andjoy of our collections and is present in over 15 countries around the worldwith approximately 860 points of sale.

Cubanas is present in several fairs of majorimportance for the footwear sector, such as MICAM, that takes place in Milan orthe GDS in Düsseldorf. Cubanas won, for two consecutive years, the prestigiousGAPI award, in the segment Design and Innovation for lady shoes.